Winter conditions and car dents; a bad combination

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Car dents can appear suddenly at any time, on any given day. Car dents not only drastically drop your car appeal and value, but it also can be hiding considerable damage underneath it. Therefore, the rule of thumb, when you detect a car dent or any sign of bodywork damage is to fix it right away. Otherwise, it could easily lead to more significant and more expensive issues.

This statement is particularly true during winter when weather conditions converge together in a recipe for disaster. Low temperature all by itself can boost the damage on a car dent, as metal tends to contract in low temperatures. Also, during winter your car will regularly face snow, ice, rain, and hail. All of these factors can easily damage the bodywork.

Letting a car dent sit for too long in snow, ice or other elements can boost rust on the metal components. To make it worse, traditionally, authorities use salt to melt snow on many Colorado roads. It is very easy for huge chunks of salty ice and snow to built up on your mudguards and other car components, speeding up even more rust growth on your car.

Cars are more prone to dents during winter

Protect your vehicle

Salty snow can boost rust growth underneath car dents.

Winter weather conditions will not only make your dents worse in the short-run, but it is also easier to dent your vehicle during winter. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, at least 21% of the crashes reported yearly, are weather-related. Adverse weather, specially, rain, sleet, snow or icy pavement, can provide all the necessary factors to end up in a fender bender or a major traffic accident. Therefore, it is vital to be prepared and take extra precautions when driving.

This includes a huge preventive list in winter maintenance tips, like checking and changing your brake fluids or installing winter tires, to paying extra careful attention to the road and minding the wildlife. According to Colorado wildlife officials, every 39 minutes, there is a collision with a wild animal. At Auto Rehab, we are constantly reminding our PDR customers, always to be one step ahead and keep their car in excellent condition. This way they will reduce any risk that the roads might unexpectedly present.

Get rid of car dents now!

Ideally, you would like to get rid and fix all car dents and bodywork damages before the harsh winter strikes. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that if winter is already here, you can’t fix them or have to wait until summer. In fact, it is highly recommended to fix them as soon as possible. The longer they sit, the bigger they become, making the dent deeper, harder and more expensive to fix. Contact Auto Rehab today, fix your car dents in the fastest and most affordable way possible and drive a brand new looking car again.

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