When Can You Repair Your Windshield?

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Windshield Chip Repair in Denver and Highlands Ranch

Minor chips or cracks in your windshield can easily be repaired, but there are going to be times when fixing the chip are no longer possible. While it’s true that Auto Rehab can service the vast majority of chips and cracks, you’re going to want to check our list to be sure that your windshield doesn’t need to be replaced entirely.

Hail Damage Repair Service in Highlands RanchChips vs. Cracks

Minor windshield damage is categorized regarding chips and cracks. A chip is understood in terms of damage to the windshield in which a noticeable point of impact can be identified. The most obvious example of a chip would be from a BB gun. Cracks don’t have a clear point of impact. They form a line and get larger in either direction. Long cracks can be repaired given that certain conditions are met.

What Can Be Repaired?

Three main factors determine if a crack or chip can be repaired. Those are size, depth, and location. Regarding size, a chip that is smaller than a quarter and a crack that is less than 3 inches in length can easily be repaired. Longer cracks can also be repaired, but the longer you let them remain, the more extensive they end up getting. Eventually, they become too big to fix and if they reach the edge of the windshield, it is no longer possible to repair them at all. Concerning depth, think of the windshield in terms of three layers. The outermost layer, a plastic middle layer, and an inner layer. If there is any damage to the inner layer, the damage cannot be repaired. Regarding location, there are two major factors to consider. Once a crack has reached the edge of the windshield, the structural integrity has been compromised. If there is a chip or a crack in the driver’s line of sight, the repairs may cause light distortion which will compromise the driver’s visibility and create a safety hazard.

Auto Rehab Services Cars Throughout the Denver Area

Since 1999, our highly skilled auto technicians have been serving clients in Colorado with the highest standards of quality, ethics, and customer service.  If you’re looking to repair minor dents and dings, fixing chips and cracks to your windshield, Auto Rehab’s technicians are happy to help you!

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