The 2015 IAA wraps up

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Since the car was invented, humans have always had the need to exhibit their newest models and concepts

From classic car auctions to international displays, men as well as women nowadays have a craving for the world of motors. A clear example of this is the wide variety of TV shows regarding cars. From Britain’s Top Gear where the hosts talk about everything and anything car related to Vegas own Count Kustoms were classics as well as contemporary models are pimped up. Since the nineteenth century there has been an automobile show thats a leader in innovation and in bringing the public up to speed with latest models and concept cars in the auto world.

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Long History

The International Motor Show know in Germany as the Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung (IAA – International Automobile Exhibition) has been taking place since 1897. The show had a halt from 1908 to 1920 due to World War I but resumed with an amazing 67 automobile manufacturers displaying 90 vehicles in 1921.  It is in 1939, with a whooping crowd of 850,000 attendees that the famous Volkswagen Beetle was unveiled for the first time.  In September 1951 the exhibition was to take place in Berlin for the last time favoring Frankfurt as the host location and changed from a twice a year event to a single, every other year event. For a long time it has been called the Frankfurt Motor Show and it wasn’t until 1991 that the exhibition was divided into “passenger cars” and “commercial vehicles“.  Since the event from it’s conception has taken place in Germany, it inevitably showcases BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen for being German brands.

The Present

This year for 10 days from September 17th to the 27th the exhibition took place showcasing the latest models from major brads as well as some incredible concept cars. The good folks from Volkswagen presented the new Tiguan SUV which includes a GTE plug-in hybrid capable of 149mpg and CO2 emissions of just 42g/km. Mercedes unveiled the Mercedes IAA Concept, a concept car with a unique 4 door design. On the other hand BMW showcased another SUV with their new X1, a car known to be small but not anymore. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what the 2015 International Automobile Exhibition had to offer, you may want to start saving for a future trip to this auto lover event!


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