Winter Damage To Your Vehicle!

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How To Repair Wintertime Dents and Dings

Winter is probably the toughest season on our vehicles. Not only does snow and ice make it difficult to travel, it can also put a lot of stress on your vehicle. Excessive road salt can also cause more issues with your vehicle over time. The fact is that dangerous road conditions make dents and dings even more likely during the simplest of trips.

Fixing Car Paint Damage From The WinterHail damage in Denver

During the winter, it is not uncommon for winter conditions to cause damage to the paint job of your vehicle. If you have car paint damage, you are probably considering the merit of having it repaired. The answer to this question is usually yes, particularly if you have an open claim from hail damage. If you have not repaired the damage from a claim, you cannot make another one, even if more damage occurs.

If you ever have plans on reselling your car, dings and dents will decrease the resale value of the vehicle. That being said, repairing that damage with PDR will help you preserve the vehicle’s original value. However,

However, if you leave repairs for a long time, any damage that has scratched the paint can become a weak point for rust and corrosion. This is much more difficult to repair and can cause bigger issues in the future. This is even more critical if you live in an area with a heavy application of road salt to control ice and snow on the roads.

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