Pros and Cons of Window Tinting

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Window Tinting Pros and Cons

Window tinting is one of the many upgrades Auto Rehab offers to Denver drivers. Many prefer tinted windows because they help out when you’re hitting a road that’s aimed directly at the rising or setting sun. Others like it because it gives you extra privacy when you’re singing along to the radio and rocking out in your car. Is it worth it? You be the judge.

The Best Paintless Dent Removal Services in DenverWindow Tinting: The Pros

Window tinting protects you from UV rays that untinted windows have no way of doing. Because of this, cars with tinted windows also tend to remain cooler in the summer. Have you ever found your steering wheel impossible to handle on a hot sunny day? Tinted windows will protect your hands from getting scorched by hot steering wheels. Tinted windows make it very difficult for potential thieves to see inside your car. On top of that, they protect the interior from UV related color fading, and there’s a lot of folks out there that also really just like the way it looks.

Window Tinting: The Cons

The biggest con of tinted windows is that police officers really don’t like them. If you do get pulled over by police, your best bet is to roll down your window immediately. In fact, some states have laws against how much tint you’re allowed to have. The other major con is that the tint won’t last forever. It will eventually peel and need to be replaced.

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Since 1999, our highly skilled auto technicians have been serving clients in Colorado with the highest standards of quality, ethics, and customer service.  If you’re looking to repair minor dents and dings, or have a minor upgrade performed, like tinting your windows, Auto Rehab’s technicians are happy to help you!

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