Top reasons why PDR is better than repainting

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Nothing compares to the frustration of finding your car dented at a parking lot, or the shocking, dramatic image of your car hood and roof condition after a severe hailstorm. Most car owners will agree in getting it fixed as soon as possible. Fixing your car dents and bodywork damage will avoid more significant and expensive issues and will keep your car integrity and value.

The main problem that most Colorado car owners face when dealing with creases, dings, and car dents is not deciding whether to fix it. But, which is the best method to restore it. The industry is full of options and alternatives to remove car dents, from DIY kits to complete paint body shops and PDR workshops. At Auto Rehab, our customers are always asking this and other related questions. Today, we want to share some of the strongest reasons you should rely on PDR or paintless dent removal over any conventional repainting, or any other similar restoring method.

PDR beats the rest of restoring techniques

Experienced PDR Technicians

PDR is the best dent removal method of all.

There are numerous reasons why paintless dent removal techniques are better than restoring or removing dents and creases from your vehicle with conventional repainting methods or similar techniques. Here are the main reasons.

It is faster

While conventional repainting and restoring your car bodywork will take several days and even weeks depending on the damage level, paintless dent removal can take hours and even minutes, providing even better results. Repainting requires removing car parts and panels, grinding the surface, filling the damage with body filler, repainting, drying, baking, reassembling and other steps. PDR only requires skillful and knowledgeably talented technicians who will gently push or pull the dent back to its original condition without affecting the original paint.

It is less expensive

The difference in costs of traditional dent restoring and repainting methods when compared to paintless dent removal techniques is vast. First of all, the amount of materials used in PDR is exponentially less than the ones required when repainting a vehicle. That includes energy, paint supplies, chemicals, solvents, body fillers, paper, plastic, tape, and more.

PDR only requires a dent removal expert and the correct tools. On the other hand, since paintless dent removal methods are much faster than any other technique, you won’t be forced to look for other transportation options while repairing your car. That is especially useful for business that can’t afford taking one of their vehicles out of circulation for too long.

Finally, PDR won’t affect your original paint, which is one of the most valuable elements in your vehicle. When repainting your car, its value drops significantly. The original car paint goes through a lot of different stages to make it unique and useful, protecting the metal components. PDR techniques will restore the bodywork, keeping intact the original paint. Contact Auto Rehab today and learn more about PDR amazing benefits.

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