Top reasons why PDR is the best dent removal technique

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Whether you are planning to buy a used car, resell your old car, start a car restoration project, or you recently got involved in a fender bender or minor collision, no matter the reason. You might be wondering just like many other car owners, which is the best way to get rid of dents on your car bodywork. Dents, bumps, creases and other similar damage on your car, can appear in a blink of an eye. It is as easy as putting to much pressure on the wrong place when closing the hood, to leave a nasty dent on top of it.

Ruling Out Dent Removal Methods

Paintless Dent Repair Shop

PDR is the best option to fix car dents in a fast, affordable and reliable way.

There is a wide range of DIY dent removal kits out there in the market. You can scratch them all out. Unless you are an experienced and skillful dent removal technician, we don’t recommend going for it. Dent removal takes knowledge to read and determine the best approach to remove the dent, skills to massage the dent out softly, and also it requires expertise to determine the best tools to use. Therefore, even if you buy the most expensive DIY dent removal kit in the industry, you will not necessarily be getting precisely what you need.

Other traditional dent removal techniques require removing the original paint and trying to match the exact color and finish once the dent has been removed. This method is expensive and takes a lot of time. Besides, it requires using paint solvents and other chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

Why is paintless dent removal the best technique?

PDR is the most reliable and less invasive dent removal method in the industry. It is also the fastest. It doesn’t require removing paint or repainting the affected area. Auto Rehab’s skilled technicians can get access to the dent and with our top of the line tools and vast experience; they can gently remove the dent without affecting the original paint.

Paintless dent removal is the most eco-friendly dent removal method because it doesn’t use any chemicals. PDR is also the most affordable, becoming car retailers and insurance companies favorite car restoring technique. Also, when you fix your car with paintless dent removal techniques, it won’t appear on your CARFAX record. Therefore, it won’t affect its resell value. Contact Auto Rehab today and get a quote on your project.

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