October is Car Care Month

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You may be one of those people who leaves things til the last possible minute

Don’t punish yourself too much about it, you are just a part of a big percentage of the world’s population that do so. From the dirty dishes to homework, from mowing the lawn to changing your windshield wipers; we tend to stall things until the last minute. Everybody has stayed late finishing a report they need to present the next day and it it happens with our car’s maintenance more than we like to accept. If you live in a sunny state like Florida, where you don’t fully experience the four seasons, then you can consider yourself lucky. Although if you live in Colorado for example, winter is coming soon and you better be ready.

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Car Care Month is here!!

The American Automobile Association or AAA advises us that October is Car Care Month. This due to the fact that winter is around the corner and your car should be in tip-top condition before facing winter’s conditions. A good driver is not only good for his driving skills but for the maintenance he provides his vehicle. There are several things to pay attention to and check before it’s too late. During cold weather, car batteries tend to be inefficient. For this reason check your car’s battery specially if it’s over 3 years old. If your brakes and tires have not been up to the task during dry weather, you definitely want to change them before winter comes when road conditions are worst. Regarding your tires always have the tire pressure under check and if their tread is less than 1/16 of an inch, change them right away.

You can switch your oil for a “winter-weight” type that will reach engine parts quicker than summer weight oil and reduces the wear of the engine. Go ahead and change your windshield wipers since they are inexpensive and you may also want to change your washer fluid to one with antifreeze properties. Stick to these advises and you should reduce your chance of getting stranded during winter.

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