Never Fix a Car Dent Yourself!

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Car dents are unpleasant surprises that can appear any time, at any place. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and damage levels, and can be from a wide range of sources, like unpredictable hailstorms or a fender-bender. These unwelcome marks, not only completely drop your cars curb appeal, but they also put at risk your cars structural integrity. Most of car owners know this and that’s why we all try to get them fixed as soon as possible.

After working for decades with all sorts of car dents, scratches, dings and many other car bodywork damages, at Auto Rehab, we have learned that one of the main issues car owners face when dealing with a car dent is trying to fix it themselves, especially, when they try to pull the dent out. In most of the cases, they arrive at our shop with a car dent issue bigger and more expensive than the original problem in the beginning. Therefore, here are a few, but strong reasons why you should never try to pull a car dent yourself.

No Room for Mistakes

Car dent repair

PDR is the best dent removal technique.

Removing a car dent is not an easy task at all. It is common to notice striking and creative ads designed to make car dent removal techniques look easy. They usually offer attractive dent removal kits, deceiving and selling the idea that you can DIY. Nonetheless, it takes a trained eye to fully read a car dent in order to know exactly the type of technique, tools, and skills required to efficiently remove it.

While most professional car dent removal experts use pushing techniques to gently remove a car dent, most DIY techniques and kits, involve pulling the dent out and this could be a huge mistake. You can actually pull too hard and pull the metal outward. In the end, instead of a dent, you will have a bubble, which is harder and more expensive to fix.

Even though sometimes, dent repair experts use pulling techniques, only the trained eye will be able to recognize the kind and level of damage on the bodywork of your car and determine the most efficient technique, tools and amount of force to apply. Failing to do so, will make things worse and could actually compromise your cars structural integrity.

Car Value

An important aspect to consider when fixing a car dent is the cars original paint. Even though at the beginning, the paint of your car might not seem compromised, if you fail to use the correct tools and perform the correct techniques, you might end up cracking, peeling or damaging the cars original paint.

A cars original paint is one of the most important aspects to take care during its lifespan. Car dealers put much attention to this aspect, even more than its record sheet. Therefore, keeping it nice and shiny will boost its resale value. On the other hand, the cars original paint is developed to protect the cars metal structure and its components. If the paint is damaged after a fender-bender or when trying to remove the dent yourself, it is vital to fix it at once. Not doing so, could allow rust to form and it will eventually eat the metal, compromising its structural safety.

Avoid making any car dent issue bigger and call the experts in Colorado. It takes a lot of skill and knowledge to do it correctly. PDR is not only the most efficient and affordable way to get rid of a car dent but is also the fastest. Save time and money and allow Auto Rehab to take care of your car dent issue. You don’t even have to move from your house or office. Just give us a call and we will arrive with the best car dent professional removers.

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