Are You Prepared For Summer Storms?

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How To Avoid Vehicle Damage From Summer Storms

Summer storms, floods, freak hailstorms, hurricanes, and tornadoes are inherent to the season, but damage to your vehicle doesn’t have to be. However, accidents happen more frequently then we would like.

Tips to Restoring Vehicle Damage Without The High Costs

No matter what happened to your vehicle, the Auto Rehab professional technicians are available to assist you. We see thousands of cars damaged every year by falling trees, extreme weather, and freak accidents. Hail damage repair is a daily practice for us.

Here is some useful advice from the specialists.

Review Your Vehicle Coverage

It is always important to be up to date on your car insurance coverage. Don’t wait until the storm has already struck. Know your policy inside and out so that you can be prepared if anything happens.


Take Safety Precautions To Protect Your Car

If you know that a storm is headed your way, then it is important to do what you can to avoid damage. If there is a hailstorm predicted, cover your car with a blanket. If you get caught in the middle of something, try to find cover at a gas station or a car wash.

Do not assume that your vehicle is water-proof. If there is a flood coming in, your vehicle can suffer all types of damages. Do no drive in water higher than 8″, but try to get to higher ground before it is too late.

Hail Car Cover

Easily Fix Storm Damage

If your car has been damaged by a storm, thinking about repairs can be daunting. However, you should always keep in mind that nearly everything is fixable. The Auto Rehab professionals have some advice for choosing the best body shop for repairs:

  • Visit the shop first. Read reviews and check up on their reputation before agreeing to anything.
  • Any good repair facility will include a warranty with their work, as well as deductible assistance.
  • Be cautious of fly-by-night services who are just looking to make money from the storm.

Assisting Vehicle Owners With Storm Damage and More!

Auto Rehab PDR technicians are experts at providing reliable car repair services in Denver!


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