Insurance and Hail Damage

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Hailstorms are a common occurrence in Colorado and the surrounding areas, and they can pack a major punch. Hail is the result of water droplets freezing—some develop many layers before falling to the earth and can be up to several inches in length. That being said, the hailstones, combined with strong winds, can result in severe damage to your house and vehicles. Here’s what you need to know about insurance and hail damage.

Liability Insurance

There are different types of insurance you can carry for cars, but the one that is required in most states is liability insurance. Requirements vary by state, but there are usually limits on how much insurance will cover. You’re also usually limited to bodily injury and property damage. In short, if you only have liability coverage, damage incurred from hail will likely not be covered. So if you live in an area where hail is common, you may need more than liability.

Comprehensive Coverage

The other option beyond liability coverage is comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive coverage takes care of the non-vehicular elements that can cause damage, like falling limbs, hail, theft, or vandalism. If you’re concerned about non-collision incidents and you can afford it, it’s worth the investment, so you don’t have to pay out of pocket for those expenses.

Hail Damage Repair Service in Highlands Ranch


Depending on your particular insurance policy, you may have to pay a deductible before the insurance company pays for any repairs from hail damage. Hail can do a lot of damage, and could even total your car, so having insurance can save you thousands of dollars.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation where your vehicle has serious hail damage, contact Auto Rehab. Our skilled technicians use paintless dent removal techniques to get the dents out of your car and get your vehicle back to looking like new.

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