How to Clean Car Carpets Like the Pros Do

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When you take the time to wash your car (which you should be doing regularly), you should also be taking the time to clean out your car in between the seats and those other places that get neglected. With all of the little things to think about, it’s easy to forget about the carpets. Here are a few tips for keeping your vehicle’s carpets as neat and clean as you can.

Clear the Debris

First things first, take out the floor mats and knock out all of the crumbs and debris. Go in with hands and a vacuum and get rid of any big items and crumbs. A shop-vac is your friend in this part of the process.


After you’ve eliminated all of the loose parts, you can start to get into the hidden stains. A multipurpose carpet cleaner is useful, but if you can identify the actual cause for the stain, you can use more targeted cleaners to lift the stain.

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Floor Mats

The floor mats do a lot of hard work to protect the carpets, and they’ll look great with a little TLC. Use a multipurpose cleaner on the vinyl or plastic and get that portion of the mat clean. Use a soft-bristled brush and a carpet cleaner on the other part of the mat. Gently work the brush in circles to lift dirt and grease from the mat. Gently hose down the mat to rinse, and hand up the mats to dry completely—don’t put it in the car damp.

If you’re located in the Denver area, and you don’t want to do it yourself, contact Auto Rehab, and one of our experts may be able to help restore your car. Especially if you have surface damage due to hail, we use paintless dent removal techniques to fix the dents and dings.

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