Hail season car survival guide

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As the National and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the Colorado Climate Center, and other significant weather-related agencies have been warning citizens, that bad weather conditions will continue for Colorado. All year long we have been experiencing severe hailstorms, breaking all sorts of records, like the largest hailstone ever recovered in Colorado.

In Hail Alley, taking a considerable toll on Colorado citizens’ cars and homes, it averages about $15 billion annually in insurance claims. There are about 19 hailstorm reports in Colorado each year. So far, 2019 has already reported 23 hailstorms, proving that the weather is changing and getting more severe each year. The best thing we can do is to be as prepared as possible for the unexpected.

Surviving Colorado’s Hailstorms

Since we are not getting a break regarding the severe weather that we will have to face, especially with winter around the corner, we have to take extra measures to keep our car protected. That will reduce the chances of getting dents and creases on your car hood, roof, and bodywork.

Check the Forecast

Paintless Hail Dent Repair

PDR is the best method to repair hail damage.

It is essential to be on top of the upcoming. Constantly check the news and weather forecasts which will give you a little advantage and enough time to get ready for severe storms. Hailstorms usually occur after a severe thunderstorm. That could also be an excellent hint to take cover before the hailstone rain begins.

Preventive Actions

Start by looking for shelter for your vehicle. If you don’t own a car garage, you need to create a space for your car to be parked. There are some low-cost vehicle carports. These are just posts and a roof but will provide protection. If you want to keep your image, you can also build a carport with aesthetics to match your house.

A car cover can also be a good option. These are specially designed car covers that can handle hailstorms. Even though these are not as strong as a metal carport, it could represent a good and more affordable option. You can add extra protection placing blankets and fixing them to the bottom with duct tape. Be careful of not damaging the paint.

If you can’t afford to make these investments or didn’t have time to prepare and find yourself suddenly driving in the middle of a hailstorm, try to drive facing the hailstorm or away from it since windshields are way stronger than side windows. Look for a covered parking lot, like the ones found at shopping malls and wait until the storm is over.

If this is not possible, look for tall buildings and try to park in the middle of them. This way, the building may work as a barrier. Finally, try placing your car floor mats on top of the roof and hood to minimize any possible damages.

Repairing Hailstorm Aftermath

Once the storm is over, go over your car and mark all dents, creases, and any other damage created by the hailstorm. That will help when setting your insurance claim. Then, contact the hail damage restoring experts in Colorado. Auto Rehab, has been providing the best paintless car dent removal services to Colorado citizens for decades. We can repair your car in a fast, affordable and reliable way, without affecting the original paint. Contact us today and learn more.

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