Give your Car a Christmas Gift at AutoRehab!!

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Bring it in to get those ugly dents out or to enjoy any of our other services

It’s that time of year again. Mid-December has come fast and with it, all the joys of Christmas! This is a season to celebrate and enjoy quality time with your loved ones. Christmas is next week, and everybody is thinking about the holiday presents, Christmas dinner, and the New Year activities, yourself included!

You’ve probably been finishing up stuff at work –or not!- and running around like crazy, trying to find all the presents and get everything organized and ready for the celebrations. And let’s face it, you’ve probably wouldn’t have been able to accomplish half of all that without your faithful car. It is always there for you, even in the cold Colorado winter, ready to take you wherever you need to go.

Show your car some love this Christmas

We are not trying to get overly sentimental here and compare cars to a human-like status –or maybe we are! But all joking aside, the truth is that your vehicle is an asset and a valuable tool for you to be able to move around and go to work, take the kids to school, go grocery shopping, etc. So…maybe it’s time for it to receive some love back, don’t you think?

Repair unwanted dents on your vehicle and protect it from the harsh Colorado weather!

Paintless Dent Repair is a dent removal process for removing dents, creases, dings, and hail damage. Unlike conventional body shop repairs, paintless dent removal will preserve the factory finish of your vehicle. Our highly trained technicians use specialized tools to slowly massage and reshape dents from behind the panel, restoring both the metal and paint to the pre-dent condition.

We now offer a complete array of other services, aimed to protect your car and make it look good!

Christmas PDR Specials

If your car is lucky enough to have avoided any dings or dents during its life, you may want to consider doing the following:

  • Complete Automotive Detailing
  • Window tint
  • Clear Mask
  • Windshield chip repair
  • Bumper Repair and paint touch up
  • Cosmetic wheel repair

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority!

We know that harsh winter weather and road salt can wreak havoc on your car’s paint finish. Not only is worn paint unattractive, but it can also lower its value when you attempt to sell it or trade it in. If it happens to you, worry not! We can fix it with our paintless dent removal. Still, who needs an extra expense during the Holidays? So keep informed and enjoy the giving season!

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