Fix Your Car Dents and Dings with Paintless Dent Repair

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Paintless Dent Repair Services in Highlands Ranch

Dings, dents, and even hail damage are unavoidable. No matter what you do or how much you try to prevent it from happening, at some point your car may suffer from these unwanted situations. So, if the worst comes to pass and your beloved ride is dented or pummeled by hail, just bring it to our specialists and take full advantage of the best Paintless Dent Repair shop in the Denver Area.

4 Reasons to Use Paintless Dent Repair to Fix Car Dents, Dings, and Hail Damage

1) Affordable  

Owning a vehicle requires a significant investment, and so is keeping it in great shape. Hence, every opportunity you can find to save some money should be considered, as long as it meets the highest standards of quality. With Paintless Dent Repair, we can fix your car’s hail damage without the need of repainting it, and it will cost on average of 60% less than a conventional body shop repair.

2) Fast

At Auto Rehab, we understand that most of our customers depend on their vehicle to go to work and their other activities during the week, which is why we work hard to fix their car fast and efficiently. Fixing minor dents and hail damage using PDR will only take us 1-3 days, while it takes 2-4 weeks on average for a conventional body shop.

Hail Damage in Colorado

3) Quality

Our certified PDR technicians are highly trained and have all of the experience required to get the job done with guaranteed quality. Our PDR process consists of using specialized tools to slowly massage and reshape dents from behind the panel, restoring both the metal and paint to the pre-dent condition. Unlike conventional body shop repairs, Paintless Dent Repair will preserve the factory finish of your vehicle, without the need of fillers, bonds, or chemicals.

4) Insurance Coverage

PDR is the preferred repair method of most insurance companies. This means that hail damage is covered and we will take care of dealing directly with your insurance company, so you don’t have to take the time to do it yourself.

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