Exterior Car Paint 101

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A car’s paint plays such an important role. Not only it is what gives the car its aesthetics and style, but it also has a much more difficult function than just providing its good looks: it protects the vehicle’s metal body against the elements and rust!

But, how much do you know about the careful, long process of painting a car? Did you know that there is not just one, but several layers of paint that need to be applied? Learning more about the usual painting process of a car can give you an idea of how complicated a traditional body shop repair can be as well.

The paint layers

Vehicle paint usually needs to be applied to the car in a series of steps. By doing so, the protection provided by the paint will increase, the top layers will adhere better to the car’s surface, and it will improve the overall appearance of the paint job. So before purchasing or planning to repaint your vehicle, it is a good idea to learn just how many layers are used in exterior paint:

Application Type of Paint Purpose
Undercoat Primer Add the first layer of paint, evens color; protects from moisture; helps base coat adhere better.
Base coat Color coat Provide color with the second layer of paint.
Top coat Clear coat finish Add the third layer of paint that provides hard outer surface, prevents chipping; adds to shine; UV protection.
Detailing Specialty paints The last layers of paint; adds detailing designs to car surface

Note that the above table is just a basic guide of how paint is applied to a car. Not all repair paint jobs will require this many coats, and some may require even more. For example, the detailing may be protected with an additional layer of clear coat finish, while some paints can be applied without a primer to help them adhere to the car’s surface.

Auto Rehab

Traditional Body Shop Repair

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Car paint damage repairs in Denver

Traditional body shop techniques used to be the only choice for repairing car dents & dings and has always been expensive and time-consuming, but with the evolution of Paintless Dent Removal techniques, the scenario has been changed drastically.

hood dent removal

PDR technician removing car dents & dings

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