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First impressions are everything in the business world. Having a stainless and attractive business sign, a beautiful business lobby or an impeccable shop is as important as driving a flawless business vehicle fleet. In the business world, everything counts and arriving at an important business meeting or a fierce trade show on board of a dented and scratched business car will not only display a poor and careless image of your company, but it will also scare potential customers and strategic partners away.

It is quite easy to get a car dent, especially, if you are driving all day from meeting to meeting, parking everywhere on the street or parking lots. Once your car gets door damage or a ding, it will immediately look careless and it should get fixed right away. Nonetheless, for some business owners it’s hard to take out of service one of their units in order to get repaired, but not doing so can not only lead to bigger and more expensive issues, but the possibility of more damage will increase and with it the imminent deterioration of the entire unit and your corporate image with it.

Business fleet dent solution

Business car dent repair

Display a solid business image fixing your vehicle fleet dents with PDR.

The best alternative for business owners to fix their vehicle fleet appearance in a fast and affordable away is applying PDR or paintless dent repair. PDR is an effective method in which the car structure is restored without affecting its original paint. The final result is a brand new looking business vehicle fleet in a matter of hours.

Depending on the damage level and dent intensity, will determine how long it might take to get your car fixed. The bigger the damage is, the longer it will require getting your business car back to its natural appearance. Nonetheless, on the average, a minor dents repair might take around 1 – 3 hours. While at a conventional body shop, this kind of damage might take up to 6 days. On the other hand, a PDR will cost about 60% less than the same damage at a conventional body shop, making it the best option for a business owner who can’t afford to take a transport unit out of circulation.

With Auto Rehab’s supreme PDR services, your vehicle fleet will always look brand new, displaying that solid and reliable corporate image you desire. Contact Auto Rehab today and drive towards success.

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