Dealing with Pet Hair in Your Car

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Fido is Along for the Ride, But that’s Not a Problem

Auto Rehab deals with many Denver area drivers that love to have their dogs along for the ride. In the summer, it can become a bit much when your best friend begins to shed all over the place. But that’s not an issue, and it shouldn’t keep you from having your pooch along for the ride, even after you’ve paid to have your car detailed. You can remove pet hair in three easy steps, and not worry about your freshly detailed car.

The Best Paintless Dent Removal Services in DenverStep 1: Blowing Out the Loose Hair

You can use an air compressor to blow out any loose hairs that are straggling around. If you have a pair of nitrile gloves, you can run them over the hairy area with one hand, while vacuuming with the other. This will ensure that all the large clumps get done first in the easy to reach areas.

Step 2: The Hard to Reach Areas

Getting the hard to reach areas will take some creativity. An excellent solution to this problem is a pet brush. Rub the brush along the hairy fabric and loosen them up from the rug and upholstery.

Step 3: Shampoo It

By now you should have removed the vast majority of the dog hair. For extra vigilant owners, you can always shampoo the rugs. You’ll want to have shampoo that is meant for cars. That’s how you do it LIKE A PRO.

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