Dealing with dents in brand new cars

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How come my brand new car already has dents?

A frustrating dilemma that many of our PDR customers arrive with, at Auto Rehab. The truth is, cars are incredibly prone to suffer dents, creases, and all sorts of bodywork damage. No matter if it is superficial, small or big and deep. Car dents are annoying and can appear in a blink of an eye. Anything can make a dent, scratch or crease on your car, from being involved in a fender bender to missing the keyhole when opening the car door.

Why are cars so susceptible to dents?

paintless dent removal in the Denver area,

Auto Rehab uses the same tools and techniques that car manufacturing companies use.

Even though your vehicle bodywork is an effective barrier designed to protect the driver, passengers, engine, and other components, it is extremely flexible and the paint job highly delicate. It is effortless to damage your bodywork. It is an issue that car manufacturers have faced since the beginning of the automotive industry.

As the industry evolved, better and faster ways to build cars arrived, incorporating assembly lines, which allowed the production of more cars, one after the other. In some cases, metal panels could hit themselves one against the other, or the equipment. In other cases, an excessive amount of low compression ratio lubricant used in the metal sheets could leave dents on the manufactured parts.

Either way, the technicians don’t notice these marks until the panel is completely painted. Experts go over the panels with special lights, through different angles, searching for dents. Then the paintless dent removal technicians manually remove the dents, until it is perfect and ready to make a customer happy.

Amazing PDR

Paintless dent removal methods have been evolving hand in hand with the car manufacturing industry. All major global automotive manufacturers have their special PDR team. Each with different techniques and specialized tools, but in the end, they all do the same procedure. PDR is based on gently and skillfully massaging the dents out. However, it requires expertise and the right tools to do it.

This knowledge has been passed to our specialized PDR staff which allows Auto Rehab to provide the best paintless dent removal services to Colorado citizens. It doesn’t matter how new your car is. Our professional PDR technicians can work it out, just like the best and biggest car manufacturers. Contact Us and learn more about PDR and our amazing services.

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