What to do with a damaged car fender?

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We are all susceptible to car accidents. No matter how careful we are, with more than 5 million registered cars driving around Colorado streets, we are all prone to suffer an accident. According to Colorado State Patrol statistics, on average there are about 27 thousand car crashes statewide, per year. Thankfully, most of them are minor collisions.

Low-speed car crashes can happen at any moment, by multiple reasons, causing dents, scratches and other similar bodywork damages. Even though you can find mysterious dents on the roof or hood of your car, most of the time they appear on your vehicles fender or side panels. A dent can occur in a car panel due to several factors like harsh environmental conditions, vandalism and driver error. Self-inflicted car damages are widespread. At Auto Rehab, we have seen it all. From a loose baseball to violently blown tires that dent the car fenders.

Don’t fix it yourself!

Paintless Dent Repair Shop

Don’t try to fix a fender dent yourself.

Fender dents are so typical that there are multiple dent removal kits and DIY videos in the market that makes it tempting to try to remove your cars fender dent yourself. Most fender panels are pretty accessible; nonetheless, this doesn’t mean they are easy to fix. There are different dent types: smooth dents, creased dents, small dents, bonnet-dents, deep dents and more. A professional PDR specialist will be able to read your indentation to come up with the best paintless removal technique to perform. Some dents will come out by pushing and some by pulling. An expert will know exactly how much pressure to apply, where to implement it, which special tool to use, and how to give a flawless finish.

When trying to remove a fender dent yourself, you might apply too much pressure leaving a bubble instead of a dent, which is harder and more expensive to extract. Paintless dent removal has proven to be the most affordable, fastest and reliable dent removal technique in the market. Auto Rehab’s experts have taken care of Colorado car owners dent issues for decades, providing excellent results.

Dealing with fender dents

If you are involved in a car accident, and your car fender suffered damages, you need first to relax. Remember this issue can be easily fixed. Inspect your car carefully and determine if the metal is bent to a point where it presses against the tire. If so, it is possible you won’t be able to drive your car back and it will require to be pulled.
Check for any other damage signs and make a list of them. Carefully try to clean the damaged area, so you can notice any other damages that were not visible earlier. Contact Auto Rehab to schedule a visit to your place or bring us your car. Depending on the damage level, in a matter of hours, your vehicle will be restored to its original look. Our dent removal services are so popular that even car dealers and insurance companies prefer our PDR services.

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