Collision with animals; mind the wildlife

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As temperature drops and winter gets closer, it is essential for Colorado drivers to stay alert on the road. Between the months of October until December, the number of accidents involving wildlife increases drastically. In fact, road death is the number one threat to U.S. wildlife.

According to Colorado wildlife officials, every 39 minutes, there is a collision with some wild animal. It is almost always a deadly one for the animal. Nonetheless, even if it is a low-speed accident, with minor dents or fender benders on your car, animal-related accidents are traumatic experiences.

Even though, roads appear to be in good condition and weather seems to be gentle, you should be extra careful when driving on Colorado roads. Wildlife is on the move, in search of food, warmer locations, and mating partners. Nearly 90 percent of all wildlife-vehicle collisions happen on two-lane roads.

An expensive misfortune

I-70 interstate colorado wildlife accidents

Drive extra careful during winter to avoid wildlife collisions.

Traffic accidents involving wildlife are not only shocking but also expensive. The simple environmental harm is countless, but it is estimated at 1 billion dollars in vehicle damages. If your car suffered only bodywork damages, it is important not to underestimate the damages and take it to a professional PDR specialist.

Sometimes, behind dents and dings, metal and other car components might have been compromised. Without proper attention, these issues can be expected to result in more significant problems, like rust and corrosion. Especially, during winter and cold weather conditions. PDR specialist in Colorado can help you with the task.

Take precautions and drive safely

Before the hard winter strikes, it is vital to be on top of your car maintenance. Check and fix everything involving the engine, fluids, brakes, windshield, and battery. It is also important to repair any bodywork damage like dents and dings, as the risk of being involved in a traffic accident shoots up.

Pay attention to the weather forecast and drive slowly. Focus on the road. If you notice wildlife crossing or on the side of the road, carefully slow down and wait for the animal’s reaction. Sometimes, they might react unpredictably.

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