Cleaning Automotive Glass Like a Pro

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Part of the process of having your car completely detailed involves the cleaning the windows. Most Denver residents aren’t going to go through an auto detailing service just to clean their windows, however. Nonetheless, Auto Rehab in Denver has some tips for cleaning automotive glass.

Car detailing in DenverUnderstanding Automotive Glass

While automotive glass tends to look very similar to other forms of glass, the similarities are quite superficial. Automotive glass is specially crafted, and it comes in three layers. To clean it properly, both inside and out, the right tools are required for the job. The trick to cleaning automotive glass like a pro is having the right tools and following careful guidelines that ensure the highest quality without risking damage to the windshield or other windows.

Most people, for instance, wouldn’t readily recognize that using household glass cleaner on auto glass is a terrible idea. It is. These cleaners often have ammonia and alcohol and tend to dry out the interior of the car, even the glass. This can make it more prone to cracking and discoloring. Also, professionals use microfiber towels, even on windshields. The would never use a paper towel as the can contribute micro scratches to the surface of the glass, which can become macro scratches later.

Professionals always use the right materials for the job. If you want to clean your windows like a professional, then you’ll need the right tools for the job.

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