Tips for a successful classic car restoration project

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Bringing a classic car back to life is an all-time American dream. There is not a single car lover or enthusiast in Colorado, who haven’t pictured themselves, restoring a striking, collectible, unique classic car. As experts in the restoration car field, at Auto Rehab, we have seen it and face it all. Decades of providing the best paintless dent removal services have allowed us to gain enough skills and experience in car restoration tricks and know that it is not an easy task at all.

Even though, it could be fascinating, working on a car restoration project is complex and it brings along more unexpected issues that you did not plan. Therefore, today, we would like to share some handy tips to make the best of your car restoration project.

Correct Car Choice

Car bodywork restoration.

Take advantage of PDR great restoring results.

A successful car restoration project starts with the correct car selection. Before you buy a classic car, take into consideration your skills. Don’t overestimate your abilities to prove yourself wrong the hard and expensive way. Regardless of the model, brand, style or type of car, you plan to purchase, remember that a car’s original paint is one of its most valuable elements. So, you can start by looking for one that has its paint in good shape.

Dents and creases can be easily restored with PDR or paintless dent removal techniques, so, you can keep its resale value, while just concentrating on the mechanical area of your car. Don’t rush! Take your time and do your homework, selecting the best car choice.

Proper restoration project planning

Planning ahead is essential in any car restoration project. Things hardly go the way you first imagined. Therefore, it is best to be as systematic as possible. Make a realistic timeline and budget. Anticipate any requirement and get all the proper tools needed.

Document all dents and creases on the bodywork of the car and make a record of the parts and the detailed disassembly process. That is essential during the reassembly procedure. It is also a great way to avoid purchasing the same parts twice.

Avoid trashing parts too early. This could be a good time to take advantage of professional PDR experts and restoring a door, roof, or any bodywork panel back to its previous condition. You may find you could use those extras, especially when sometimes finding classic car’s original parts is hard and expensive. Besides, it is always better sticking with original parts.

Don’t underestimate classic car restoration projects. They are amazingly rewarding, but hard to successfully achieve and can quickly become frustrating. Primarily, if it is your first classic car restoration project, rely on the experts, contact Auto Rehab and learn everything regarding car restoration and PDR.

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