How To Protect Your Car Through The Winter

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Important Tips To Protect Your Car All Winter Long

Recently, we covered some of the most important tips to protect your car from winter hazards. This guide will help you learn how to protect your car during the coldest months of the year.

Winter Protection for Car Paint

Wax On: At the beginning of the cold season, you should add an extra layer of spray wax and polymer wax to help protect your car against the harsh winter conditions.

Buff It: After waxing, a good buffing will help you remove additional wax residue and give your car a great shine.

Winter Tips For Wheels

Pressure Wash: Using a power washer will help you clean out any salt or grit build-up on the wheels. Try not to do this if it is extremely cold outside to avoid an ice problem.

Protect your vehicle wheelsProtect The Wheels: Use a product designed for glazing the wheels. This will help the brakes and improve resistance to snow and ice.

Hydrate The Rubber: Use a quality product like Black Onyx Tire Gel to hydrate the rubber of a wheel during those cold and dry winter months.

Inflate The Tires: Cold weather will cause wheels to lose pressure. Make sure that they are always filled to the proper pressure level.

Winter Tips For Windshields and WipersHail damage in colorado

Fill Up On Antifreeze: Choose an antifreeze that is rated for extreme cold conditions.

Buy A Good Ice Scraper: Buy a quality ice scraper to clean off your windshield and windows before you hit the road. Do not use it on painted surfaces to avoid any damage to the paint job.

Has Your Vehicle Been Damaged by a Cold Conditions or a Winter Storm?

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If your vehicle has suffered any damage over the winter, please contact Auto Rehab for help repairing dents and other auto body damage. We live in Colorado as well, so we know the what the winters are like!

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