Car Paint 101: Car Paint Protection

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What is paint protection?

Car paint protection or paint sealant coats your paintwork with a plastic shell which means light scratches and harmful chemicals can’t leave blemishes. Usually, paint protection systems are one of the extras you may be offered when you are buying a new car from the dealership.

How is it applied to the car?

The coating is put directly to the bare paint, bonding to it. As a result, it seals the paint. Before application, wax needs to be removed, and washes and waxes are applied on top afterwards.

When is it worth to get paint protection?

If your new vehicle is a major investment and you strongly feel a need for an additional shield, car sealant is the way to go!

Things to consider before getting car paint sealantCar Paint Protection

  • Car paint protection systems will keep your vehicle’s color looking better for longer.
  • Even with paint protection, there is no way to prevent the scratches, scrapes, and dings or dents which are common in driving.
  • Sealants can contain harmful chemicals which require proper safety gear.
  • The top coatings of wax, oil and pollutants must be removed from the car. The protection will simply break down if applied over wax.
  • If employed on top of harmful chemicals, or other items such as squashed insects, the system will seal everything in, causing damage.
  • Incorrect application can result in scratches and swirl marks which are then difficult to remove.

Overall, it’s crucial that paint protection systems are applied by professionals only.

We would recommend sealant paint from new cars, or within the first year of purchase, to ensure your car’s color is protected. If something extra is required after a year or so, professional car detailing and paint correction will also restore that “new car” gleam. Of course, for more serious paint repairs, Auto Rehab can always fix dents, dings or scratches in Denver.

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