Beat the curse and keep your brand new car dent free

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No matter what you do or how hard you try, there is not a single car driver in Colorado, who hasn’t scratched, dented, or creased their brand new car in the first weeks of driving it. The phenomenon is so strong and real that it even beats the well-known Murphy’s Law, which states that when anything can go wrong, everything will go wrong. At Auto Rehab we call it “The Curse”!

The dent curse is real!

Dents & Dings Repair in Denver

Drivers tend to crash, dent, or scratch their brand new car.

It may sound silly, superstitious, call it, as you wish, but it is a fact. We continuously discuss it, at Auto Rehab, and we have all sorts of hypothesis and ideas, of how and why all drivers scratch, dent, or even crash their brand new car. For instance, some believe it is because you are paying more attention to your brand new car’s cool interior and gadgets. Others say it is because you are so nervous and focused on trying not to damage your car that your driving skills become clumsy and end up denting it.  Some of us believe that it is because you are not used to the dimensions, braking system, and engine power of your new car, and it is easier to lose control and crash it against something.

It is pointless trying to understand or explain it. The fact is that as soon as you drive your car for the first time, you are already susceptible to damaging it in some way, and it usually happens earlier than later. So, what can you do to drive your brand new car freely and without worries?

Beating the dent curse

To overcome the New Car Curse, you don’t require a holy talisman or some kind of witchery. You can’t beat “The Curse,” but you can count on the best recipe to ignore it. Thanks to professional paintless dent removal methods, you can relax and drive your car freely knowing that you can remove any dent, crease, or car bodywork damage, in an affordable and fast way, without affecting its original paint.

That is great because the original paint is one of the most valuable elements in your brand new car. PDR or paintless dent removal techniques are so efficient that your vehicle is restored to its original paint. It is just as if it was never touched by evil.

Paintless dent removal techniques are car retailers and insurance companies favorite restoring method because of the great results and affordable prices. Besides, when you get rid of your damaged dents with PDR, it doesn’t appear on the CARFAX record. Contact Auto Rehab today and beat the brand new car curse.

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