Best ways to prevent hail damage

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Mother nature has many curve balls that she can send humanity’s way. From earthquakes and hurricanes to tornadoes and floods, there are many ways you car can get damaged. There is though a type of climate condition that we don’t take seriously enough and it is hail. Hail will leave your car looking like it was in the way of MLB batting practice. Here at Auto Rehab in Denver we can gladly take care of any issue your car may be suffering. From bumper repair and paint touch up to windshield chip repair we are you best option for complete automotive detailing in Highlands Ranch. But it is our paintless dent removal service that will take care of your hail problems. Even though we can fix all your car problems, we would like to give you some tips to avoid hail damage if possible.

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Useful Tips

First and foremost if possible get covered parking. It may not be in everybody’s budget but it is an effective way to avoid hail damage. If you cant afford it, always have your linen closet ready. Follow the weather forecasts and if there is chance of hail, place blankets over your car. The thicker the better since this will add extra cushioning and will greatly avoid dents. Always load on your GPS parking garages where you can run for cover in case of a storm.  Hail damage repair can be very costly so if you are caught by a storm, you can always take your floor mats and place them on the top and the hood of your car. This will not save your car from the damage completely since they wont cover it all but you may avoid further damage.

 Dings and Dents haunt your car, let us repair that.

Auto Rehab’s highly skilled technicians have been serving clients in Denver and worldwide since 1999. Our motto is to strive to do everything possible to restore your vehicle to its factory finish while saving you time and money! Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we want your experience with us to be the best you’ve ever had.  You can get your quote for free or you can always contact us for further details on our services.


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