Avoid winter dents by installing winter tires

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As the months become colder, and weather conditions harsher, the chances of getting an early winter car dent or even worst, being involved in a significant car accident, rise exponentially. Taking precautions like an initial winter preventive car maintenance, modifying your driving habits, and being extra careful when driving, are tremendous and essential actions to execute, being safe while driving on Colorado roads.

Nonetheless, these steps are not enough in order to be dent and accident free during the winter season. The number of dangerous conditions you will be facing while winter driving is widely variable, ranging from slippery black ice to related animal collisions. Therefore, it is essential to take as many preventive actions you can perform to be ready for the most unpredictable situation you could face. On top of this list, you should always have a winter tire installation.

Why install winter tires?

the best car paint damage repair services in Highlands RanchWinter tires are specially designed for optimum performance in winter conditions, providing better handling, traction, and braking distances not only in cold weather but also on snow, slush, freezing or icy roads. By installing winter tires, you can reduce significantly any chance of an early winter dent or of being involved in a more significant car accident.

All season and summer tires are designed to withstand heat generated on the road. The rubber compound used in all season tires is flexible, allowing for shorter stopping distances and giving drivers greater control over their vehicles on dry, warm roads. However, at low temperatures, summer tires will stiffen reducing traction and increasing rolling resistance.

In addition to the deeper tread depths, increased slots and sipes found on winter tires specially made to dig deep into the snow, grip harder on the ice, and provide more control on unpredictable winter roads.  Winter tires’ chemical compounds in the rubber are designed to maintain flexibility in low temperatures. This feature provides better grip and more control in harsh conditions.

When to install winter tires?

Don’t wait until your car gets dented or snow appears. Paintless dent removal experts suggest changing your tires by the end of October and early November. However, the rule of thumb is installing your winter tires as soon as you can see your breath.
Mounting a full set of winter tires is crucial. Otherwise, your vehicle could easily lose either rear or front traction. Also, remember to remove them once the warmer months arrive. Not doing it so, could make them wear out faster.

If you have already dented your car, don’t wait any longer and get it fixed as soon as possible. Under winter conditions car dents are prone to grow rust and corrosion faster than under regular conditions. At Auto Rehab, our PDR specialists are ready to take any dent removal project and fix it in a fast and affordable way, getting your car ready in time to face the upcoming winter. Contact Us today and learn more.

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