Winter aftermath – fixing your car dents.

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As the weather warms up, snow and ice start to melt. Nature begins to blossom, and as the landscape becomes clear, the harsh winter aftermath starts showing up. Heavy winters like the one we just faced in Colorado, can cause severe damage to your car’s bodywork, especially on the roof and hood. Spring, is the perfect time to go over your car and run an in-depth inspection, checking it for dents, creases and any other signs of damage.

Regardless of the damage level your car suffered, car dents and creases should be fixed as soon as possible. Even what might seem like a minor dent, underneath it metal could have been compromised, boosting the chances of rust growth. Also, after a harsh winter, it is common that chunks of salty snow, grim, and other toxic contaminants that are harmful to your car’s body structure and metal components get stuck on your car undercarriage.

Fixing your winter car dents

Hood Dent Repair in Denver

Auto Rehab’s technicians can repair your hood dents.

Start by giving your car a complete and detailed wash. Remember to pressure hose your car undercarriage to get rid of the dirt and snow. Then, check it from rear to front in search for signs of damage, dents, and creases. Check your windshield for cracks and chips.

Make a mental map of all the damages found and call the dent experts in Colorado. Paintless dent removal is the best way to fix the dents and damage occurred during winter. PDR is exceptionally effective and affordable. It is car retailers and insurance companies favorite car restoration technique.

Fixing the roof and hood

After decades of providing the best PDR services, at Auto Rehab, we have noticed how concerned Colorado car owners are when they detect dents on their car hood or roof. That is perfectly understandable, as roof and hood damages are hard to reach. However, Auto Rehab’s staff has all the knowledge, the special tools, training, and skills to handle any dent removal task. Best of all, after fixing your car with PDR, it won’t appear on your CARFAX record.

At Auto Rehab, we know how severe winter can be on your car exterior. Furthermore, attending any damage as soon as possible can represent a huge difference between a fast and easy repair in contrast to an expensive and complicated restoration. Contact Us today and learn everything you need about winter car restoration and our efficient and high-quality paintless dent removal services.

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