Worst DIY dent removal techniques

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Getting a car dent is always frustrating. Especially, when it is the first one. They usually come from out of nowhere and appear on the worst areas possible, like on the roof or hood. Since we all eventually have to deal with these annoying marks, it is common that many car owners make the decision to fix it themselves, leading in most cases to bigger and more expensive issues.

Even though it is common to hear about interesting homemade dent removal methods or seeing attractive TV ads selling cool and easy to use tools to get rid of dents and scratches, the truth is, paintless dent removal is not an easy task at all. It requires training, experience and long hours of practice. At Auto Rehab, it is common to receive customers who first tried to fix the dent issues themselves. They usually arrive with bigger and more expensive issues than the one they had at the beginning. Here are some of the worst DIY dent removal techniques they tried.

Ineffective DIY PDR

PDR or paintless dent removal is a popular and effective technique to get rid of dents and car body damages, without affecting the car’s original paint. It is fast, reliable and affordable. Nonetheless, it requires professionally skilled technicians to read the dent and the damage level in order to determine exactly the correct procedure to follow.

Professional PDR services

Professional PDR technicians know how to read dents.

Mistakenly, many believe they can cut corners to save time and money, performing popular, but ineffective homemade PDR techniques, such as:

PDR Suction Methods

There are several suction methods people try to pull out car dents. One is the vacuum cleaner method. This consists of using a traditional home vacuum cleaner to suck out the dent. However, because it has a loose end, it could easily scratch the car’s paint. Besides, vacuum cleaners are designed to suck dust and don’t have enough power to pull metal out. So, it could easily burn out.

Others use a sink plunger to pull the dent out. They will place a normal plunge surrounding the damaged area and apply several pulls until the dent pops out. However, it is quite easy to pull over aggressively, leaving a bubble instead of a dent.

PDR Hot/Cold Methods

Because metal reacts, expanding and contracting, as it is exposed to extreme temperatures, some try to pop dents out. For instance: Some believe that heating first the damaged area with a hairdryer or boiling water and then applying extreme cold with compressed air or dry ice, will make the dent pop out. In some cases, this might even work, however, you don’t have control over the technique not allowing a flawless finish. Besides, handling boiling water or dry ice can be dangerous and you need special safety equipment. Otherwise, you might hurt yourself.

There are many other DIY car dent removal techniques out there, but the ones above, are the worst and most popular ones. Effective PDR takes time and training to master it. Thankfully, at Auto Rehab, you can get the best Colorado, PDR services for affordable prices, getting rid of your dent issues in a fast and reliable way. Contact us today and learn everything you need about our paintless dent removal services.

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