Winterize your car to avoid dents & damages

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Winter is here, and it is about time to take essential winter preventions to protect your car and avoid severe bodywork damage. During the winter, your vehicle is more prone to dents, scratches, creases, minor crashes, or a fender bender. Roads are more insecure and slippery, proper visibility conditions get reduced, and there is much more traffic on the streets as the holidays and the shopping sprees began. Not to mention the wildlife that comes down in search of warmer conditions, food, and mates.

All these conditions are the perfect ingredients for dent and bodywork damage. Every year, the crashes and accidents related to weather and wildlife increases. About 25% of the crashes in Colorado are weather-related, and at least 4 thousand crashes per year are wildlife-related, both claiming billions of dollars in insurance policies. Therefore, it is vital to take important considerations and winterize your car to keep it nice and safe.

Winter Preventive Tips for Your Car

During the winter, the chances of damages on your car bodywork are on the rise, but you can minimize the possibilities of getting your car dented, creased or scratched by following these easy tips.

Change Tires

Avoid dents from getting worse during winter.

In winter, your car is more prone to dents and bodywork damage.

This is one of the best and most important steps you can take before the winter strikes hard. Winter tires, specially designed for optimum performance in winter conditions, provide better handling, traction, and braking distances not only in cold weather but also on snow, slush, freezing, or icy roads. Winter tires reduce the chances of skidding and slamming into road signs, other cars, or even pedestrians.

Check Car Brakes

Your car brakes must be in perfect condition. Check the brake fluid and take advantage of checking the other engine fluids as well. Good brakes will prevent being forced to hit them too hard in case of an emergency. If necessary remember to change or refill the other engine fluids

Lights and Electrical System

Your car electrical system will be working harder during the winter. Most probably, you will be using your heater, windshield wipers, lights, and other gadgets at all times. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure your car battery is charged and working fine. Otherwise, it is vital to recharge it or even consider replacing it. Check your headlights. Make sure all lights are working and check your windshield wipers as well. Remember, you need to see, and other drivers must see you under harsh conditions.

Avoid Dents from Getting Worse

Now that you know to protect better your car in winter, it is essential to get rid of all dents, creases or scratches that your car already has before the winter’s harsh conditions makes them worse. Cold weather and other winter elements can quickly boost your car deterioration. Especially if it is dented. Many dents hide underneath more significant damages than the ones visible to the untrained eye. Therefore, it is vital to bring your car to the PDR experts in Colorado and get it fixed right away. PDR or paintless dent removal is the best method to remove dents and restore your vehicle without affecting its original paint. Contact Auto Rehab today and learn more about our fantastic PDR services.

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