Winter season car survival guide

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Keeping your car as safe and protected as possible during the winter season is vital to maintain its original paint, bodywork, and essential components. The winter season is well-known for its significant increase in car accidents. There is a wide range of different elements converging together that boosts the possibilities of being involved in a fender bender, low-speed accident, or serious car crash. A single and superficial car dent can drastically drop your car appearance and future resale value. Therefore, it is essential to perform preventive actions to keep your car safe, and its curb appeal high.

Avoid dents and damages during winter

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Numerous factors can damage your car during the winter. Weather elements become unfriendly for drivers, reducing visibility and making roads slippery and unstable. Weather-related accidents are those that occur in adverse weather, such as rain, sleet, snow, fog, severe crosswinds, blowing snow, sand, debris, or slick pavement. At least 21% of the car crashes per year in Colorado are weather-related, rain being the worst condition for drivers.

Besides the weather conditions, the holidays bring more drivers to the streets. The shopping sprees, the adverse traffic conditions, and more cars every day, boost the possibilities of suffering an accident, creating nasty dents and creases on your car bodywork. Also, during the winter, wildlife comes down from the mountains looking for warmer conditions, food, and mates, boosting the chances of suffering a wildlife collision. According to Colorado wildlife officials, every 39 minutes, there is a wild animal collision reported. It is vital to run preventive winter car maintenance that will help to avoid these situations.  Change your tires to winter tires, check and, if necessary, replace your brakes and brake fluid.  You will be using the wipers, hearer, radio, lights, and other electrical gadgets, therefore your car battery needs to be charged and checked also.  It is essential to check your headlights.  You need to be able to see the road, and other drivers need to see you as well. 

Avoid nasty surprises

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These easy, but essential tips will help to highly reduce the chances of your car getting dented or suffering more significant damages. However, getting a dent or crease on your car bodywork during winter is quite easy. Self-inflicted car damages are widespread. It is as easy as slamming your door against another car, to slipping while walking on your frozen driveway and hitting against your car or even missing the frozen keyhole. The problem is that a car dent and cold weather do not get along. It is a bad combination.

Winter weather conditions can quickly boost the deterioration of even the slightest car dent. Many dents hide more significant damages underneath than what the untrained eye might perceive. Leaving a car dent unattended during the winter, will boost the chances of rust growth and corrosion. The salt on the roads used to melt the snow can also increase its deterioration. That is why it is necessary to fix and remove dents and creases from your bodywork before the harsh weather conditions strike.

PDR or paintless dent removal is the best option to restore your car to its previous condition, without affecting its original paint. It is fast and reliable. It is car retailers’ and insurance companies’ favorite method to restore cars. PDR doesn’t show on your carfax record, and it is incredibly affordable, providing the highest results. Contact Auto Rehab today and keep your vehicle looking great, safe, and functional during the winter.

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