Dealing with winter car hood dents

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Dealing with Winter is always a headache for car owners, especially in harsh winters such as the one we have been facing this season in Colorado. It is just not giving any breaks. On our last post at Auto Rehab, we talked about how to safely unfreeze your car doors to avoid creating any dents or damages to the bodywork in the process. Even though many recommended turning the heater on to help unfreeze the car, it is common not to be able to get inside your car because the doors are frozen shut.

Today, we would like to present another scenario. You are already inside your car, but your battery is dead and your hood is frozen shut. Now what? Procedures for removing ice from your hood might be similar to removing ice from the car doors; however, they are harder to reach, and the pressure points are more vulnerable to dents and creases. Therefore, at Auto Rehab we put together some useful tips to getting snow and ice off your car hood.

Unfreezing the hood of your car

Remove ice from your hood

Learn how to open a frozen hood.

First, it is important to carefully remove the snow packs and ice buildups from the hood. Not doing it, is not only dangerous when driving, but you can get a ticket for it. It is recommended to use a foam or a soft snow push broom, to remove the snow. Avoid using metal scrapers or other solid materials that can easily make a crease or scratch on your car bodywork. Look for long handled soft brooms or scrappers that reach the hood and roof areas easily.

Once the snow is off, use hand sanitizer on the hood frame in order to melt the ice. Another option is using a mixture of alcohol and water in a spray bottle. Never use hot water. Hot water will make a thermal impact that can easily bend metal or crack your windshield. You may need to repeat the procedure several times. Once the hood is open, recharge your battery and turn the car on for a while. Remember to remove snow and ice from your head and tail lights.

Fixing the damages

It is virtually impossible that your car makes it through the winter without suffering any dents or bodywork damage. If after removing the ice you notice a dent or crease, it is essential to get it fixed as soon as possible. Cold weather, winter elements and other toxins in the environment can boost the deterioration of the car, helping rust grow and other issues. Contact the car dent removal experts in Colorado and in no time Auto Rehab will have your car looking great again.

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