Windshield chips? Fix it right away!

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Chips in windshields are as unpredictable and annoying as any car body dent. They usually appear from out of nowhere, when we least expect them and usually on the worst areas possible. Actually, people often can’t understand how they got there.
The truth is, car dents and windshield chips can be created by a wide range of sources and reasons, from a loose baseball to a strong hail storm. However, no matter the reasons and even though it might seem a minor damage, just like car dents, windshield chips should be taken care as soon as possible.

When should windshield chips be fixed?

Hail Damage Repair in Denver

Chipped windshields could risk your drivability and safety.

Professional car dent and windshield repair companies such as Auto Rehab, usually perform an inspection on your car in order to determine the level of damage, depth, size, as well as the type of damage, and location. These aspects will help determine if your windshield can be safely repaired or will need to be replaced.

Car dent and windshield repair experts usually describe windshield chip types as bulls-eye, half-moon, cracks, pits and star breaks or spider legs. In basically all cases, if the chip isn’t too deep or big, and is taken care immediately, it is possible to be fixed. Generally speaking, chips smaller than a quarter, and cracks up to three inches long can be repaired. However, it an expert’s eye is required in order to determine the possibilities, costs and time needed to be repaired.

The location of the damage is a major factor to be considered. For example, the structural integrity of the windshield is usually compromised when a crack has reached the edge of the windshield. Also, if there is a chip or a crack in the driver’s line of sight, it not only endangers the driver’s integrity but the repairs on it may cause light distortion, which will compromise the driver’s visibility and create a safety hazard. In both cases, a professional company will probably suggest replacing the entire windshield.

Avoid windshield cracks from getting bigger

As soon as the storm is over or you notice any damage to your car’s bodywork or windshield, you must get it fixed. Chips can become cracks in extreme cold or hot weather. Even if temperatures are mild, the chip will most likely get larger. Just like car dents grow rust underneath the dent if not taken care soon enough, leaving a windshield chip will eventually cause it to crack more, becoming a more expensive issue, and being forced to replace the entire windshield.

If you notice any signs of damage, dents or windshield chips on your car, don’t hesitate. Contact Auto Rehab as soon as possible and we will take care of your dent issues right away. Depending on the damage level, your car will look brand new again in a matter of hours. Click here to get a free quote.

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