When it goes from sunny to blowing snow, are you ready?

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Winter in Colorado… Hard to know what to expect. In less than an hour, it can go from blazing sun on a beautiful day to snow storm. We all know this, but are we prepared to be on the road rain, shine or snow? Best piece of advice to drivers, stay off the road when it gets icy. To what most of us would just give you that look with a very sarcastic “really?” Truth is, sometimes you just can’t stay in. Here are some helpful tips to stay safe while driving on Colorado roads this winter.

Stay safe in Colorado’s winter driving conditions

Winter ready tires

winter ready tiresNo brainer. Yes, tires are expensive. But how much is your life worth? Or the life or your children? Ok, not so tragic, how much are you willing to pay to repair your beloved car if you slide off the road. In Colorado, tires in perfect condition are not a luxury, they are a true necessity.

“Think of tires as your lifeline in a car; the few square inches of rubber contacting the pavement is all that’s between you and potential trouble. Are your tires winter ready?” Colorado Transit Department

Stay tuned for road conditions

I-70 interstate coloradoWe said the weather in Colorado can change from one moment to the next. However, staying aware of the weather forecast daily during the winter could save you lots of traffic delays and possibly even accidents. If you simply must drive in icy conditions, you can get the most up-to-date live traffic info direct from COtrip.org. This link gives you access to the most accurate, updated reports directly from CDOT. So check the conditions on I-70 before you leave,  and take the necessary precautions.

Give the snow plow space to work

Someone is always in a hurry, trying to get somewhere urgent. Snow plows are not there just to clear the road for you, everybody needs them. So let the plow work. Never try passing a plow on the right, for obvious reasons. Since all the snow and slush carries the rock and debris that the plow picks up from the road and that could end on your windshield. Also give the plow at least 4 car lengths of space to work, unless you want to get with your car full of salt, deicer and/or sand. Giving the plow enough space ahead of your will also protect you in case the plow has to stop abruptly.

If you ignore our suggestions and debris or rock cause dents on your vehicle, worry not! We can fix it with our paintless dent removal. Still, who needs an extra expense during the Holidays? So stay safe, stay calm and enjoy the season.   

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