Weather Conditions That Can Damage Your Car

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The weather is something we certainly can’t control. And that is unfortunate as it can cause a great deal of damage to our vehicles. If you’re concerned about inclement weather causing damage to and dents in your vehicle, you are certainly not alone. Although we can’t control the weather, we can do a fairly good job of predicting it. If you know which types of weather conditions are likely to cause car damage in Colorado, you can take the necessary precautions to protect your vehicle. So, if you’re checking the weather, here’s what to look out for.

Hail Storms

Hail storms in Colorado are unfortunately quite common and they wreak havoc on just about everyone. From farmers to business owners to car owners, everyone dreads the damage that a hail storm creates. This is why it’s important to be conscious of the weather report. If there is any possibility that a hail storm is on its way, take the necessary precautions to prevent your car from suffering dent damage by parking it in a safe location. 

winter storm

Winter storms can wreak havoc on your vehicle.

Winter Storms

Luckily, winter storms don’t tend to wreak quite as much havoc as hail storms. However, they can certainly damage your car. This is especially true if there is ice involved in the winter storm. Icefall from the sky can create dents in your car. In addition, ice accumulating on trees can cause branches to snap off under the excess weight and this can create a massive amount of damage to a vehicle parked in the wrong location. So, make sure you protect your vehicle by parking it in a garage if you know a winter storm is headed into your area. 

Smooth driving year-round is not something many people get to experience. Sometimes the weatherman lets us down and we aren’t prepared for an incoming storm. If your car has suffered dent damage due to a storm, don’t worry. The experts at Auto Rehab can help by using our Paintless Dent Repair technique. Contact us today!