Understanding Car Dents Causes

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What Are the Common Causes of Dents On Cars?

A dent can occur in a car panel due to several factors like harsh environmental conditions, vandalism, and driver error. There are different dents types: smooth dents, creased dents, small dents, door panel’s dents, bonnet dents, and a dent in the roof panel.

How to Prevent Dents

Getting familiarized with the most common causes of car dents can help you avoid getting one. We want you to be proactive and know these common causes of car dents and dings so you can formulate your preventive measures. Check some of the most common car dent causes:

Automatic Car Wash Services

Automatic car wash services are a great option for cleaning your vehicle; however, accidental bumps may happen while in the conveyor. This fact may lead to your car getting a ding or scratch from the process.

Bumping Into Car Doors

Frequently, we have to park our cars in crowded garages and parking lots. Some drivers and passengers tend to open their car door too quickly without noticing that they are already bumping into the neighboring car.

Fender Bender at Low Speed

A minor auto collision at low speed will always result in car bumper dents.Hail damage Colorado

Hail Damage

Hail and sleet occur naturally. An unexpected hailstorm mixed with a lack of preparedness results in your car having multiple dents, scratches, and dings.

Misplaced Shopping Carts

Busy parking lots have tons of misplaced shopping carts dispersed throughout the area. These carts often bump into the sides of vehicles, which results in dents and dings.

Playing Recreational Sports Near Vehicles

It is common for neighborhood kids to play games like baseball, basketball, Frisbee, or soccer. Games like these often result to rogue balls that can soar uncontrollably and accidentally bounce off a car’s hood.

Other vehicle dent causes include driver error, parking too closely to the curb, encountering road debris, and even people riding bicycles.

Regardless of how your car got that minor cavity, you should arrange to have it repaired sooner rather than later. To have your vehicle looking as good as new again, bring it to Auto Rehab. Our experienced technicians in dent removal employ the PDR technique to make dents disappear without leaving a trace. Click here to get a quote.

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