The truth behind fender benders

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Each year, there are more than 5 million vehicular accidents around the U.S. There are so many cars on our streets drove by all sorts of drivers, under all sorts of circumstances that the number doesn’t really amaze. About 2 million of these accidents reported injuries and about 40 thousand deaths, and in most cases as a result of inattentive driving, exceeding safe/legal speeds, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, lane violations, or the failure to yield the right of way.

Just in Colorado, there are about 27 thousand car accidents, per year in the State and about 13% of them are reported as fatal or injury crashes, according to Colorado’s State Patrol statistics. This means that thankfully, most car accidents in Colorado and the U.S. are minor accidents or fender benders. However, a minor accident doesn’t mean you won’t be facing important structural damage on your car or even worse someone getting hurt. This is why it is essential to take care of fender benders with the same concern and responsibility as any other accident.

Mind your fender bender

Paintless Dent Repair Shop

Never underestimate low-speed accidents. Fix your dents!

After decades providing the best PDR services to Colorado car owners, at Auto Rehab, we have learned the importance of taking care of a minor car accident A.S.A.P. Basically, because not doing so, could easily make things worse, forcing you to deal with bigger and more expensive issues. Not only from a mechanical matter, but from a legal perspective as well.

It is very common for car owners to underestimate low-speed accidents or decide not to attend to it because it only appears as minor aesthetic damage or to avoid getting a CARFAX record, fearful that reporting a minor incident might cause their insurance rates to increase. However, not doing so, could cause deeper problems instead of avoiding them.

Behind dents and scratches

After a minor collision or a fender bender, it is common that small dents or scratches appear as a result. Even though they might look harmless or just a simple cosmetic issue, they could hide more. Most of the cars today, have flexible plastic bumpers that retract when crashed against, absorbing energy and reducing the impact. Nonetheless, even though it is not visible, in most cases the car structure suffers considerable damages behind or underneath the bumper, leading to bigger issues if not attended properly and in time.

Dents & Dings Repair in Denver

PDR is the best, fastest and most affordable dent removal technique.

Also, the paint underneath a dent could have peeled, leaving the metal and car structure exposed. If you don’t fix this right away, time will eventually cause rust and corrosion, which are serious car issues. Rust will literally eat your car away. Your best option is to take pictures of the damages and get immediate PDR services. In no time your car will be back to its brand new look, without affecting its original paint.

Once all damages are determined and how serious is the situation, your next step is calling the authorities. Exchange information with the other driver and report the accident. Reporting an accident protects you as it verifies with your insurance company that you noted damages when they occurred. In fact, many States require you to report accidents even when it comes to fender benders. If you fail to report an accident or file a claim, you may face legal penalties.

Once you have all the paperwork ready and have collected enough evidence, all that is left is running to your PDR shop specialist to get your car fixed. The beauty of paintless dent removal is that it is the most affordable, fastest and effective way to get rid of dents and scratches. Most of all, PDR doesn’t leave a record on your CARFAX sheet. Therefore, it is the insurance companies’ and car retailers’ favorite dent removal procedure. Contact Auto Rehab today and learn more about car dents and insurance claims.

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