Tired Of Those Unsightful Dings & Dents On Your Car?

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Try the Best Paintless Dent Repair in Denver and see the many benefits it offers!

PDR is a dent removal process for removing dents, creases, dings, and vehicle hail damage. It is a low-cost, high-quality alternative to more intense body repairs and will preserve the factory finish of your vehicle with no fillers, bondo, chemicals or repainting necessary.

Our paintless dent removal is done by “massaging” the dent from the back-side of the panel -or from the front using specialized tools- without removing any of the original paint. Because of these specialized techniques, PDR offers many important benefits!

PDR in Denver

Quality of the repair

Nowadays car paints are very durable and resistant, so it’s not uncommon for a dent to happen without damaging the paint finish. And with PDR, we can restore your car back to its original glory, making it look like the dent never happened in the first place!

Reduced Cost

PDR is 60% less expensive than a conventional body shop repair, making it the most affordable! If your car’s dings and dent are a good candidate for this type of repair, why wouldn’t you want to spend less for a higher quality repair job?

Less Repair Time

PDR is also faster than regular car body repairs. It takes only 1 to 3 days and some minor dents can be repaired in just hours, while regular body shop repairs take 2 – 4 weeks on average.

How to know when to use Paintless Dent Repair instead of a Regular Body Repair Shop?

Usually, if your car’s paint is scratched or chipped, then PDR won’t fix the paint job. Generally speaking, the depth and location of the dent are determining factors. If the dent is too deep, it mean the metal may be too stretched to fix with PDR; but if the dents are wide and cover a large area they can be good candidates.

However, if your vehicle still has un-repaired hail damage or dents and you can’t stand to see those “eye sores” on it anymore, or if you are going to sell it and want to maximize its re-selling value, the best thing to do is to come to AutoRehab in Denver and have a professional examine the damage. Our highly skilled PDR technicians can tell just by looking at a dent whether it’s a good candidate for paintless dent repair or not.

PDR in Denver

We have ample experience in paintless dent removal, and it goes beyond any make and model you can imagine!

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