Summer’s almost gone; go for a ride

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Earlier this year, me and a friend decided to a take a road trip through Colorado. I was in the middle of my vacation but my friend wasn’t that lucky. He was just given permission to take Friday and the weekend off. Three days does not seem to be enough time to really explore the beauty of such a big state and although we weren’t able to, we did see quite a lot of it.  There was one catch and it was the fact that it was still spring and for that reason we missed out on something we were really looking forward to.

Closed Roads

We flew into Denver early on a Friday morning and after getting our ride (rental by the way) we started heading north. It is quite amazing to see how the scenery starts to change from city to country side. All the big buildings are replaced by ranches and amazing mountains start showing there white crested peeks. Some of them without snow but packed by conifer forests that extend from their bases to their tops. Breath taking views every corner you turn and majestic lakes still frozen from the stubborn winter that refuses to fully depart. We arrived at Rocky Mountain National Park and after taking up close pictures of its amazing fauna from elks to chipmunks, we hit a big snag.  The high mountain road passes were still closed due to winter. They are closed for the season due to the amount of snow that falls during winter. To keep the road open a massive amount of manpower and constant work would be needed.

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But not Yet…

Although it was most unexpected and it made us reroute our trip, we still had a wonderful experience worth reliving. Being able to jump in your car and just drive is an empowering experience and highly recommended for anybody looking to leave their daily routine in the rear view for a while. Right now we are in what is called as “Indian Summer“, a a period of sunny, warm weather in autumn. It is the perfect time to jump into your ride and if in Colorado, go visit those mountain road passes that are closed during winter. Take advantage of the season and leave all that city stress behind, you wont regret it.

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