Start Fresh in 2020 at the wheel of a dent free car

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The year has ended, and it sure was a doozy. In 2019 Colorado faced one of the most potent and destructive winters ever, claiming billions of dollars in car insurance and residential infrastructure. Even though many harsh cold days are still to come, this is the perfect time to evaluate your car’s condition and restore it to start fresh this 2020. There is no reason to postpone your dent-free car goal any longer. Remember that leaving dents, creases, or similar bodywork damage unattended for too long, will boost its deterioration.

Dent removal options

Hail Repair Highlands Ranch

PDR experts use unique lights and tools to read and fix car dents and creases.

Even the tiniest and most superficial looking dent can lead to severe problems if it is not fixed correctly and on time. Many car dents hide underneath more significant and severe damage than what is visible to the naked eye. A trained dent removal specialist can read and determine the level of damage the bodywork suffered, after performing several tests and inspections, using specialized tools and lights.

Before taking your car to repair, try to determine and mark all the creases and dents found to get a better quote on your restoring project. Don’t leave any damages behind. Once ready, your best-restoring option is taking the car for professional PDR or paintless dent removal services. Through this restoring method, your car’s bodywork will recover to the original aspect, by softly and skillfully massaging the dents out. This way, your car’s original paint won’t be affected by the restoring process, and it will keep its resale value.

Car dents and harsh weather

Every Colorado car owner knows that it is virtually impossible to survive an entire winter season without inflicting some damage on the bodywork of your car. The problem is that car dents and cold weather are the ideal ingredients in a perfect recipe for an undercarriage disaster. Leaving a car dent unattended for too long can easily lead to rust, corrosion, and other serious problems that will literary eat your car’s undercarriage away. Therefore, it is essential to remove dents and creases as soon as possible. Besides, driving a shiny, brand new looking vehicle again will boost your motivation to start fresh and positive this 2020.

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