Dealing with self-inflicted car dents

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It doesn’t matter how careful we drive, car accidents are unpleasant surprises every car owner has to deal with. According to Colorado’s State Patrol statistics, there are about 27 thousand car accidents per year in the State. So, it is highly likely to be involved in an accident at some time or another.

Even though it is just a fender bender, the fact of being involved in a traffic accident is already stressful. Besides all the paperwork, insurance procedures and other tasks to handle, you now have damages on the bodywork of your car that need attention. In addition, things can get really frustrating when we are the cause of the accident.

Just about anything can damage your car or make a dent or scratch. Clumsy accidents are more common than we can imagine. After decades of providing the best PDR services to Colorado citizens, at Auto Rehab we have heard it all, but in most cases, it was the result of an act of carelessness.

Fix it right away

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Fixing a car dent right away could save money!

It doesn’t matter how dumb your accident was. It is common having doubts your insurance policy will cover the repair or if it is worth fixing a small dent or scratch. Of course, it is! Leaving car dents behind can easily escalate into major and more expensive issues. We all have crashed against a parking poll, a tree, or closed the hood of the car too hard resulting in a nasty dent on the bodywork.

It is important never to overlook minor car body damage, even a tiny scratch can wreak havoc on the safety and quality of your vehicle. Many dents might hide bigger damages underneath it. A professional paintless dent removal technician will analyze your car damages and determine the correct procedure to get it fixed.

Insurance policy

Another reason why car owners mistakenly avoid fixing their self-inflicted car dent or damage is that they believe their insurance policy won’t fix the issue or that afterward it will affect their CARFAX record. First, PDR or paintless dent removal is car insurance companies’ and dealers’ favorite removal technique, as it doesn’t affect your CARFAX record. On the other hand, most car insurance policies cover the self-inflicted damage. Look at your collision coverage or the comprehensive coverage, go over them and make sure you are protected.

Usually, collision coverage pays for damage due to a collision with another vehicle, person or fixed object. Comprehensive coverage pays for damage caused by natural disasters, falling objects, vandalism, animals and other situations where there is no clear liability and no impact between a vehicle and property. Just like any other situation, the insurance company will dispatch a damage adjuster. He will confirm the probable cause of the damage and make sure any damage matches the loss description.

Once, the process is done, contact Auto Rehab, and get your car back to its original look. PDR is the fastest, most reliable and affordable dent removal technique in the industry. You will forget all about your awkward accident after our professional PDR specialist takes care of your car.

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