Safely washing your car in the winter

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Winter is a challenging time for car owners and drivers. It is the time of year when we are more prone to suffering a traffic accident, hitting an animal while driving, self-inflicting a dent or some sort of bodywork damage to our car, or simply the task of taking care of it, becomes a challenge. Even washing your car can be extremely difficult. Nonetheless, neglecting to wash and provide proper maintenance to your car during winter can reduce considerably its lifespan and value.

Cars receive massive amounts of contaminants during winter, which can easily boost its wear. In certain areas of your car where it is hard to reach, or if it has a dent or damage, grime, salt, and snow, that easily gets stuck, thus speeding rust growth and deterioration. Therefore, it is essential to get rid of thee contaminants and clean properly in all areas. At Auto Rehab, we have noticed how much winter affects our paintless dent removal customers. Therefore, today we would like to share some handy tips to clean and keep your car safe from rust growth during winter.

How to wash your car in winter?

Protect your vehicle in winter

It is vital to clean frozen grime and snow underneath your car.

At Auto Rehab we are passionate about cars and therefore, we are always looking to improve our PDR techniques and services to restore and maintain our customers’ vehicles. Nonetheless, when washing your car during winter, the most important thing to consider is your own health, so try to use the best gear possible to avoid getting sick. Consider wearing rubber boots, gloves, and special winter clothes.

Always, try to look for the best time possible. When it is freezing outside, avoid washing the car and wait until conditions are better. Once you are ready, you need to get rid of all the excess snow and ice over your vehicle and underneath. Avoid using a brush or a hard, sharp tool. Use your hand or a special soft brush. A good tip is driving your car around the block for a while, keeping the heater on. This will help heat the car and get rid of frozen grime and salty snow.

You can consider using warm water to help get rid of the frozen grime and snow. However, avoid overheating it. If the water is too hot you can crack your windshield or make a dent worse because of the extreme temperature changes.

Avoid using any wax or protection product, unless the temperature and weather conditions are favorable and won’t freeze the product. If this is the case, it is recommended to use special winterize wax or products.

Once your car is completely clean, dry it with a soft fiber cloth as soon as possible. Moisture during winter can be incredibly destructive for your vehicle during icy conditions.

Keep your car safe during winter

Keeping your car clean and properly cared for will also help to keep it safe. Take advantage while cleaning your car and pay attention to any sign of wear or deterioration. If you notice any dent or bodywork damage, it is important to fix it right away, as winter can boost its decay becoming more profound and more expensive to fix. Also, during winter rust can grow faster underneath the dent putting at risk your entire car integrity and the safety of the driver and passengers. As soon as you notice a dent or crease on your car, contact the PDR experts in Colorado. Auto Rehab is here to the rescue.

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