Restore your car after unpredictable storms

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Once again, Planet Earth and Colorado’s weather show us how unpredictable and powerful it can be. After one intense and destructive winter season, hope on a warmer environment started to blossom. However, every shiny, warmer wish has been buried in snow again and again.

After a few warmer and bright days, last week, Wednesday, April 10th, the so-called Bomb Cyclone #2 of 2019, struck with anger. Even though it didn’t reach its highest predicted storm level, Winter Storm Wesley, caused in just 36 hours a 61-degree temperature swing, generating snow, rain, thunderstorms, and winds that blew over 60 mph in some Colorado areas.

This drastic weather change caused all sorts of structural damages mostly on cars. Most common damages that a car suffers in these conditions are bodywork dents and creases, chipped and cracked windshields. These damages should be fixed as soon as possible. First, you can’t drive with a damaged car without putting at risk your car and the passengers’ safety and integrity.

How to fix a car after a heavy storm?

Repairing Vehicle Damage from Road Salt

Fixing winter aftermaths

Snow, blizzards, and hailstorms can cause severe damage to your car bodywork. Also, not only the extremely harmful snowpack, mud, grime and other toxins that build up on your car undercarriage, can damage your cars metal components, but also the extreme weather changes can boost its deterioration. Therefore, every dent, crease or bodywork damage you found should be restored right away.

As soon as weather conditions give you a break, wash your car and check it from rear to front in search of dents or any sign of damage. Mark them and contact the dent removal experts in Colorado. PDR is the best dent removal technique available. It is affordable, fast and extremely reliable.

Fix your dents and give the planet a break

The latest weather phenomenon, we have faced in Colorado is a clear example of how fragile and at the same time powerful, the Planet is. As Planet Earth becomes more deteriorated, thanks to human environmental footprint, we should become more aware and make more significant efforts to reduce our footprint. When you hire Auto Rehab’s paintless dent removal services, you are not only restoring your car with the best and most reliable PDR methods in the industry, but you are also protecting the planet.

Auto Rehab’s PDR services are eco-friendly; as they don’t require using any toxic solvents, paint removals, or other chemicals harmful to the environment. Also, as we use special tools to massage the dents off gently, we reduce our waste generation. Contact Us today and restore your car to its original condition while making a difference in the environment.

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