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So, were you one of those unfortunate Colorado car owners who suffered from the devastating power of the latest hailstorms in the area? Every year, Colorado citizens face heavy hailstorms that claim millions of dollars in damages. Cars and houses are among the most damaged structures after hailstorms.

Thankfully, for Colorado business owners and citizens, Auto Rehab is here to provide the best, fastest, most reliable and affordable paintless dent removal and window chip services. This way your personal car or entire business vehicle fleet can be back on the road as soon as possible. After decades helping Colorado car owners with their dent and window chip problems, at Auto Rehab we have noticed that many customers are concerned about the PDR aftercare. Therefore, today we would like to share some useful tips on how to provide the proper aftercare to your recently fixed car.

Car washing

Tips For Avoiding Car’s Paint Damage

Proper PDR aftercare will avoid further damages.

In contrast to what many car owners believe, after getting a PDR service you can wash your car normally without any problem. It is common for experts to suggest no washing your car for several days even months, after getting a paint job. However, thanks to PDR detailed techniques, no paint job is required. Therefore, it is not necessary to wait for so long.

At Auto Rehab, we do suggest waiting for two or maybe three days, just to be sure that everything is in order. Then, you can perform a normal hand car wash. However, it is important to take some precautions. Use mild car cleaners and clean with cool water. Try to wash your car in a covered area away from direct sunlight or under the shade. Wipe and rinse softly as necessary.

When drying, avoid using stiff materials, rough cloths, harsh cleaners, and strong water pressure. We recommend using a soft cloth like microfiber or chamois. Dry thoroughly to avoid water from drying out on its own and leaving unsightly watermarks.

If your windshield was treated for chips as well, avoid applying too much pressure on the windshield, especially, from the inside out.


If you have already suffered the severe consequence of a heavy hailstorm, the best investment you can make is in prevention. Nothing can assure you it won’t happen again any time soon. Therefore, consider purchasing a carport or at least a good car cover. This way you will have a barrier that will protect your vehicle from falling objects and potential new dents.

If you have any further questions regarding car dents, window chips or hailstorm recovering procedures, contact the experts in Colorado. Auto Rehab, is here for the rescue.

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