PDR; the most eco-friendly dent removal technique

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In times when the environment cries for help, everything that we do or stop doing to stop pollution, global warming and other hazards caused by human environmental footprint are significantly valuable.  We can help to preserve and protect the planet by exercising simple tasks. For example: reducing plastic use, selecting, reusing and recycling solid wastes and keeping our car in great shape.

Proper car maintenance like changing oil and fluids in time, keeping the correct tire pressure and the engine running smoothly, will reduce the amount of fuel you use, at the same time it reduces the pollution caused by CO2. On the other hand, fixing dents in time, creases and other bodywork damages will avoid fast deterioration, rust growth and other issues that can quickly reduce the lifespan of your car. The longer you keep your vehicle in shape and attractive will prevent it from becoming a pile of rusted metal and toxic waste at a junkyard.

Fix your car dents with PDR and protect the environment

PDR is an eco friendly technique

Remove car dent with PDR and protect the environment.

At Auto Rehab, it has come to our attention how many Colorado car owners mistakenly avoid fixing their car dents, believing it is better for the environment. However, leaving dents behind will only lead to bigger and more expensive issues and eventually, to the deterioration of your car.

PDR or paintless dent removal is a professional dent removal technique that avoids the use of toxic solvents, fillers, paint and other harmful chemicals and contaminants found in traditional dent removal procedures. Auto Rehab’s skilled dent removal professionals use special tools and techniques to softly massage the car’s bodywork until the dent is removed, restoring it to its original condition.

Paintless dent removal techniques are so compelling that it is car retailers and insurance companies favorite car restoring method. Best of all is that when you fix your vehicle with Auto Rehab’s PDR services, you are not only helping to protect and preserve the planet but also, the procedure won’t affect your CARFAX record, helping to keep its value.

Eco-Friendly PDR in Colorado

Don’t hesitate, fix your car before the dents, creases and other bodywork damages, boost its deterioration. Contact Auto Rehab today and become environmentally conscious while restoring your vehicle to its original condition.

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