Top 5 reasons PDR is the best dent removal technique

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Sometimes dents seem to appear from out of nowhere, and other times, it was self-inflicted damage as a result of a clumsy accident. It could have been an apparent car accident or the aftermath of a heavy hailstorm. Regardless of the reason, the fact is, car dents and similar bodywork damage are annoying and nasty looking. They drastically reduce your car’s curb appeal at the same time they exponentially drop your car value.

We all need some car rehab or restoration once in a while. It is virtually impossible not to scratch or dent your car in some way. The question that follows is, what to do next? How should I get rid of the dent or restore my car to its original look? The market is full of options and cool DIY advertising, but the truth is that there is no better method in the industry to restore your car. Here are Auto Rehab’s top 5 reasons why paintless dent removal is the best technique to get rid of car dents.

Why is PDR the best dent removal technique?

Before beginning with our top X list, it is essential to understand that you should never leave behind dents and bodywork damage on your car. Even the tiniest little dent can be deep enough to compromise the rest of your car’s undercarriage. Ignoring it could lead to rust and corrosions and other severe and more expensive issues. Here is why you should choose PDR over any other car dent removal method.

Fix Your Car Dents with PDR.

PDR is the best dent removal method.

Accessible to Everyone

Restoring a car can be expensive, but paintless dent removal offers a unique and reliable way to restore your car for a low cost.


Thanks to PDR’s ultimate technology and latest tools in the industry, PDR technicians can restore a car faster than any other method, with amazing results.


Paintless dent removal is so effective and reliable that it has become car retailers and insurance companies favorite restoring method.

Doesn’t affect the Original Paint

Thanks to PDR techniques, tools, and evolution, experts can gently massage off the car dent or damage, without affecting the original paint. That is great when you consider that the original paint is one of its most valuable elements, especially if you eventually plan on reselling your car.


Just as its name suggests, PDR or paintless dent removal doesn’t require removing or repainting your car bodywork. Therefore, there is no need to use paint solvents or any other similar chemicals harmful to the environment.

Next time a nasty dent appears on your car bodywork, don’t think twice, contact Colorado’s PDR experts, and let Auto Rehab take charge restoring your vehicle.

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