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It is common for many car owners to underestimate low-speed accidents or fender benders. The reasons are many, maybe not enough time nor money to fix it right away. Or maybe you consider that it is only a small dent that no one will notice. But most of all, people tend to leave behind small dent repairs from low-speed accidents because is not worth all the paperwork, money invested, and time if at the end your accident will appear on your CARFAX record.

Even though, it was minor damage and fixed right away, if your car has an accident record on the CARFAX sheet, you can be sure that its resale value will drop significantly. The CARFAX Vehicle History Report is information available to any buyer and it is car dealers most effective and important bargain tool. A car dealer can easily knock down hundreds and even thousands of dollars on a car trade, based on its accident record. Therefore, many car owners do the math and consider that is not worth getting a small dent fixed from a fender bender because they consider that in the end, it is going to cost more when they try to get rid of it.

Underestimating Car Dents

PDR services in Denver

Avoid the CARFAX record by fixing your car with PDR.

The main problem of leaving behind small dents or not fixing your car after a fender bender is that many dents hide bigger issues than you might have imagined. Maybe the exterior of your car might not show severe damage, nonetheless, behind the dent, paint, metal, and other components there might be other issues, and not fixing them in time will evolve into major issues, such as rust, corrosion and the weakening of your cars entire metal structure.

Luckily, for you and all car owners in Colorado, you can count on PDR or paintless dent removal techniques. PDR is the most effective, affordable and fastest repair technique to get rid of car dents, scratches, and dings. Besides, when you choose to repair your car using PDR, the damage will NOT show up on notification systems such as Carfax. This makes PDR an excellent option to fix your car after a low-speed accident.

When you hire a PDR professional shop, such as Auto Rehab, you will ensure that your car will be restored to its brand new look, keeping and protecting its original paint and avoiding the CARFAX record. So, when you are ready to sell your car and get a new one, you can still count on the 10 to 30 percent of the money you would have lost having the record on your vehicle history report.

Avoid bigger and more expensive issues by not fixing your car right away after a fender bender. Recoup your cars resale value and avoid the CARFAX record, by simply contacting Auto Rehab. Call Us today and get a free quote on your project.

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