Parking lot car dents, another hit and run case

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Car collisions are common situations Colorado drivers face every day. According to state statistics, there are about 27 thousand collisions every year. So, it is important to drive carefully and responsibly. Of course, not all car crashes are our fault; sometimes we are not responsible for the incident. In some cases, we are not even aware that our car was dented or damaged.

Hit and run cases are extremely common, especially in parking lots. Finding your car dented or damaged without any explanation or who to blame can be really frustrating. Therefore, it is important to know how to react and the steps to follow in order to solve your situation the best way possible.

Dealing with parking lot accidents

So, you arrived at your car after shopping for groceries and found a huge dented scratch on your car’s side door. Obviously, there is no note, no phone number nor a friendly and responsible driver willing to take care of the damage. What to do?

car dents & dings

Car body has been scratched by an accident

First, take a deep breath and calm down. You need to settle down before taking any further actions. Once calm, inspect your car carefully and make a list of the damages. Take pictures and a video of the damages. Sometimes it is possible to notice color marks on the damage. Look if they match the car next to yours. If so, that’s probably your guy.

Look around and ask anyone in the parking lot if they saw who hit your car and if they saw the license plate number. Take their names, phone numbers and the license plate information if they have it. Even if any witnesses didn’t get the license plate number, take down their names and phone numbers anyway. All this information will be useful when making the claim.

Another useful tip is asking for help at the mall or shopping center you were visiting. Most of the parking lots today, have surveillance cameras installed all over the place, and in most cases, they are open to help.

If you believe the blameworthy is still around, wait and respectfully confront him/her, while peacefully trying to come to an agreement. If you feel the discussion isn’t going anywhere and the other driver is turning aggressive, walk away and look for an officers help.

No one to blame

Paintless Dent Repair Shop

Dealing with hit and run car dents

Regardless, if there is no one to blame on the incident and the extent of the damage to your vehicle, your next move is visiting a collision reporting center. In fact, some insurance companies require that any “hit and run” car dent or damage be reported to the police within 24 hours for the claim to be considered a hit and run and thus a “not at fault” accident. Otherwise, the claim may be considered a chargeable loss. Put together all the information and evidence you were able to gather and provide the names and numbers of any witnesses, to the center representatives.

Finally, take your car for PDR services A.S.A.P! It is important to never underestimate any dent or damage on your car. Leaving dents behind will not only drop your car value drastically, but it could be putting at risk your car structural integrity. Metal components underneath the superficial damage could have been compromised, leading to rust, corrosion and other bigger issues.

Paintless dent removal is the fastest, most affordable and reliable dent repair technique to fully restore your car, keeping and protecting its original paint and avoiding the CARFAX record. Your insurance rates will not increase! Contact Auto Rehab today, and learn more about PDR and dealing with minor collisions.

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