Paintless Dent Repair vs. Regular Body Shop Repair

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What is the best way to maintaining your original car paint?

Some people can live with one or two door dents or dings but for the one who can’t there are two options.  First is to take your car to a body shop and have them grind, sand, Bondo and paint over the damage.  Or you can go with the paintless dent repair process to fix that ding or dent in as little as 30 minutes without scarifying your original car paint. In this blog, you will learn the difference between traditional body shop repairs and the PDR repair process.

How to restore your vehicle to its factory finish

Paintless Dent Repair is a technique used to remove vehicle damages such as dents & dings, creases, and hail damage without altering the factory finish of your car. Unlike conventional body shop repairs that require fillers, bondo, chemicals, and even repainting is often necessary.

Process PDR Body Shop
Resources requires fewer tools, resources, and manpower more tools, resources, and workmanship
Speed of service the job can often be completed in a single day Long process usually takes 3 to 4 days to be completed
Impact Less costly, gentle and non-intrusive Expensive, intrusive, repaint the surface of the car
Effectiveness only metal components of the vehicle can be fixed address issues like scratches or paint chips on any surface
Outcome keeps your car’s frame intact often the entire panel is removed
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Traditional Body Shop Repair

Traditional body shop techniques used to be the only choice for repairing car dents & dings and has always been expensive and time- consuming, but with the evolution of PDR techniques, the scenario has been changed drastically. PDR has proven to be a very economical solution for the repair of small dings and dents that in most cases only require less than an hour to perform.

Which process would you choose?

We recommend that if your car receives a significant impact or is in a major collision to definitively go to a body shop to repair the damage.  And for those smaller imperfections that haven’t damaged the paint consider the paintless dent repair.

Choose Auto Rehab for your next car repair

hood dent removal

PDR technician removing car dents and dings

We want your experience with us to be the best you’ve ever had, and we’ll do everything possible to restore your vehicle to its factory finish! Auto Rehab, LLC was established in 1999. Court Legare is the owner and operator of Auto Rehab and has over 15 years of experience as a PDR technician. If you need a dent removed from your vehicle contact today for a free quote.

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